A Mother, A Baker, and A Cabinet Maker........

Who are we and what do we do here at Cake Creations? 

Cake Creations is a small family owned and operated cake shop.  We opened our doors here in Hilliard in April of 2006.  We are dedicated to creating quality custom products at the most affordable price for our customers.  You won’t find any fancy titles or abbreviations after our names, we’ve never attended pastry school or trained with Colette Peters.  Everything we know about making great cakes has been passed down through the family and polished with hard work!  Cake Creations may be my dream but it belongs to all of us.  A lot of people put a lot of long hours and strenuous labor into making my dream a reality, and this page is for them.

So who is behind Cake Creations? 

My dad, Pete, is the drivng force behind our operation.  He’s the ice cream maker, the late night watchman, the delivery guy, the maintenance man, the accountant, he’s our glue.

My sister Tracy is our little Martha.  She’s the recipe tester, the sprinkle guru, my sounding board, and the trend setter for all things cake.

My mom Karla, keeps us covered in cute aprons, full of Chik-Fil-A tea, and makes a mean cake bow.

My brother, Seth, makes our space what it is with his custom casework.  He designed and built our amazing front counter, layed out our floor plan, finished our walls, and is always there in a pinch.

And I’m Beth the "Cake Lady".

Individually we are mothers, bakers, and cabinet makers, but collectively we are Cake Creations.

So, thank you to everyone who sacrificed to build Cake Creations!